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Suggested Serves

We love mixing up different drinks with fresh ingredients.

Here are some of our suggested recipes:


 Capi Brunswick Aces

Aces Sunrise

35ml Brunswick Aces Hearts Blend
35ml CAPI Cranberry Juice
Top up with CAPI Blood orange

Served in a high ball glass with a burnt orange twist

Pink Spades

35ml Brunswick Aces Spades Blend
50ml CAPI Pink Grapefruit
Served in a tumbler with a slice of mandarin

Capi Brunswick Acs
Blueberries CAPI Aces

Hearts Delight

70ml Brunswick Aces Spades Blend
35ml CAPI Natural Tonic
20g macerated blueberries
Top up with CAPI Soda Water
Served in a high ball glass

Hearts at the Beach

70ml Brunswick Aces Hearts Blend
70ml CAPI Yuzu
35ml Coconut Water
Served in a martini glass with a desiccated coconut "sugar" rim and a charred coconut ribbon
Toasted Coconut