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Double Gin Tasting Pack - 100ml (40% ABV)

Double Gin Tasting Pack - 100ml (40% ABV)

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If you can't decide which blend to try first, why not try both. Our Gin Tasting Pack comes with everything you need to taste our gin range, including mixers to ensure you enjoy every sip.

Visit the 'Gin' section of the website for a 'How To Taste Gin' guide and learn more to elevate your Brunswick Aces experience.

Spades Gin
Brunswick Aces Spades Gin is made in the London Dry style, perfectly balancing savoury and fresh citrus. With notes of green cardamom, parsley and pepperberry, balanced by native Australian lemon myrtle.

Hearts Gin
Brunswick Aces Hearts Gin is made in a contemporary style, leading with notes of cassia bark and star anise, providing a warm and inviting palate, contrasting perfectly with citrus and native Australian wattleseed.

Pack includes:
1 x 100ml Brunswick Aces Spades Gin
1 x 100ml Brunswick Aces Hearts Gin
2 x 150ml East Imperial Tonic - We would recommend Hearts Gin with old world tonic and grapefruit tonic and spades with yuzu tonic and royal botanic.