Brunswick Aces

200ml Spades Gin Bottle (40% ABV)

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Our Spades Gin is savoury and fresh on the palate, leading with notes of green cardamom and parsley, perfectly balanced by sweet citrus and native Australian lemon myrtle, with our distinct Tasmanian pepperberry after note that lingers between sips.

As a classic London Dry style, you can't look past a Gin & Tonic to highlight the blend. The aromatic savoury and citrus notes cut through a range of other mixers too, try cranberry or ginger ale.

With garnishes, get creative with fresh or dried grapefruit, rosemary, strawberries, or finger lime.

In cocktails, our Spades blend is well suited to provide a deep, savoury base with a lighter floral nose in a range of classic cocktails. 

Our 200ml bottles are a perfect gift or dinner accompaniment.