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How to Taste Sapiir


Sapiir is 100% distilled with no added sugar and no alcohol. As a result you can nose it heavily without being overpowered by ethanol, and we recommend it's tasted more like a wine than a spirit.

Pour a standard 30ml serve into a wide rim glass and follow the process below, and have some chilled dry tonic water on hand.

We distill 100% of our sapiir through our dedicated still, where the distillates are condensed after the still head, meaning that it is a completely clear and clean product in the glass. You may notice some microscopic sediment and particulates in the liquid that have come over from the natural botanicals.

Our sapiir contains similar aromatics to fine wines or spirits, that we extract in our distillation process without ethanol. By swirling the glass you will aerate them and open up the flavour profile.

Inhale through the nose multiple times to take in the layered botanical aroma. Remove glass from the nose and inhale normally, before returning the glass to the nose and inhaling again. This should allow you to pick up the nuanced differences between the more prominent of the botanicals.

Take a sip and gently breathe air in through closed teeth to aerate the botanicals on the palate. Close the mouth and move the liquid over the tongue to register the different flavours.

Hold in the back of the throat momentarily before swallowing, you will be able to taste the distillates designed to linger and leave a flavour loop on the palate. Repeat this process and notice how some of the botanicals intensify further.

Dilute remaining sapiir with 40-60ml of dry tonic or soda, and repeat the tasting. Quinine, sugar, and carbonation open up the flavour profile of the blend. You'll notice how our sapiirs provide a great base to build complex cocktails.



To experience Spades blend, use 60ml sapiir to build a "Rosemary's Love" spritz. The savoury profile is balanced with the sweetness of a rosemary gomme and the sharpness of soda. We recommend pairing savoury and sweet garnishes, like fresh rosemary and dried orange.

Topping any cocktail with a sapiir spritz from an atomiser enhances the aroma, finishing them perfectly.