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Hearts Gin Tasting Pack -100ml (40% ABV)

Hearts Gin Tasting Pack -100ml (40% ABV)

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Hearts Gin Tasting Pack - 100ml
Our Hearts Gin Tasting Pack comes with everything you need to taste our Hearts Gin, including a mixer.

Visit the 'Gin' section of the website for a 'How To Taste Gin' guide and learn more to elevate your Brunswick Aces experience.

Hearts Gin
Brunswick Aces Hearts Gin is made in a contemporary style, leading with notes of cassia bark and star anise, providing a warm and inviting palate, contrasting perfectly with citrus and native Australian wattleseed.

Pack includes:
1 x 100ml Brunswick Aces Hearts Gin
1 x 150ml East Imperial Tonic We would recommend Hearts Gin with old world tonic or grapefruit tonic.